Neil Clench

An amazing experience and a great 3 days of scuba diving with these guys in Oman. The team showed patience, guidance and real expertise. There’s some wonderful dive sites in the region with varied coral and an abundance of underwater life to observe and enjoy. There’s even a couple of interesting ship wrecks to explore.

Martin Fink

I have a new family. This is a really special place and the dive team is spectacular. The team have setup over 20 dive sites. I only visited a few more than once. This is an undisturbed gem. There are no crowds. You often feel like you’re the only one on or in the water. The corals are fantastic. I called it “going to the botanical gardens”. Also a good variety of wildlife.

Jalal Luqman

This Dive Center in Musandam gets a 5 star rating from me. Everything from the dive center to the staff and equipment was just perfect.
The boat and the boat rides were great. The boat captains and dive guides knew the waters really well.